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KIS is a small, vibrant K-7 Independent school, tucked into the heart of the Rocky Mountain Trench.  We pride ourselves in a loving and caring environment where children feel safe and heard.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the programs that we offer.

Small class sizes are important to us, enabling one-to-one support and small group interaction between the teacher and students.  Teachers are able to meet children's individual needs and accommodate multiple learning styles with this ratio.  Children are able to create lasting and meaningful relationships with their teachers which contributes to our positive nurturing environment.  

Our school follows the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum and exceeds its programming requirements through project based, hands-on and experiential approaches to learning.  This approach is reinforced through multiple field trips throughout the year in which children engage with and experience the learning first hand.  Learning is fun, exciting and diverse and this can be seen on the faces of the children through the halls, in the playground and in the community at large.  

All of the children at KIS are exposed to daily conversational French using the AIM program.  This curriculum was developed to maximize on learning potential through gestures, drama, song and dialogue.  The Arts are an important aspect to the children and they are engaged in crafts such as felting, pottery and musical instruments including guitar and djembe drums.  

Physical Education is a priority at KIS.  In addition to regular time blocks in the gym, each class has the opportunity to advance their skills during extended blocks of weekly activities that include swimming, gymnastics, rock climbing and skating.  Small class sizes, access to buses, and energetic staff make these unique activities part of their learning.  Through numerous field trip opportunities we are committed and uniquely positioned to embrace regular outdoor educational opportunities.  

A great attribute to KIS is Flex Fridays.  These special learning sessions allow children to choose from a variety of extra-curricular topics such as skiing, outdoor education, drama/dance, sewing, art, cooking and build-it.  These sessions fun in four week blocks and are an opportunity to further enrich our students.  

Come join us at KIS for a rich and meaningful learning experience for your child.  It is a fresh approach to learning!


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