Before KIS, my daughter was in daycare. When she was in daycare, I would phone to talk to her while I was at work and ask her how her day was. She would always say, “Dad I don’t remember”. Ever since she started kindergarten, I call her after school to say goodnight and she is so excited to tell me all the great and fun things she has done and learned. This is a great place with great people! I am so grateful that my little girl has this opportunity.

Barry Cushner - Parent

After homeschooling for a few years KIS has been the perfect fit for our family. The teachers are so caring. I love the individual attention the children receive. The school also cares about a well rounded education with extras such as art, music, drama, outdoor play, dance, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, etc.

Dawneen Robison - parent

Every day I am so grateful for my children to have a school where they wake up excited for school and are not ready for me to pick them up after school. They are eager and are loving to learn. I, as a parent, am always welcomed at KIS.

Eva Rose – Parent

The small class sizes at KIS allow us to get to know our students extremely well, and tailor our programs to cater to each child’s academic, social and emotional development. The school has a wonderful community atmosphere and it is a pleasure to come to work each day

Miss Laura, Kindergarten teacher


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