Teachers and Children as Partners

Our programs are in the process of incorporating the ideals of the Reggio Emilia approach.  Staff is learning about this process, mirroring the belief that children and adults are both teachers and learners.

Reggio Emilia based programs encourage:

  • Collaboration between children, teachers, family and community
  • Building physical, social and intellectual relationships with objects, the environment and people
  • Documentation of each child’s work
  • Sensual learning – encouraging children to use all their senses 
  • Reciprocity – valuing interaction and the exchange of ideas
  • Children having an active role in their own learning 

Play isn’t the enemy of learning, it’s learning’s partner. Play is like a fertilizer for brain growth. It would be crazy not to use it!

Stuart Brown MD

Long-term projects and child-developed play themes allow children to become deeply engaged in ideas.  Adults document a child’s work through photography or other means to learn about development.  

Special Events at KIS
Our children especially love being able to take field trips on our bus.  We are able to take part in wider school activities such as sports days, monthly hot lunch, school-wide seasonal celebrations, House activities and safety presentations by police and firefighters.

Carefully planned activities pale in comparison to more spontaneous experiences.

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods


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